Decieving Sea, Raging Typhoon

The name is Archie. Try not to believe any of the lies Maxie and his Magtards try to feed you. Need a job? Like Television? Or water? I'm the man to talk to

My Pokemon battle & otherwise  Captain of the ship  Headcannon  
Aqua applications?
Don't just stand there like a fucking rock. Give me shit!

galactarded replied to your post: I’d like to let you guys I was out training….

Training what? Your beer-belly?

…….keep up the little snide remarks and I’ll drown you, space crotch


((Has anything major happened in PT while I’ve been gone that I should know?? TO avoid even more awkward roleplay moments))

thisrosameihavethorns replied to your post: I’d like to let you guys I was out training….

You said butt, teeheehoo~

Are you serious?? You pokedex holders are always so easily amused.

I’d like to let you guys I was out training….

……butt I’ve been drinking so much I can’t find my pokemon AHAHAHAHAHA

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I have a feeling you guys aren’t sympathizers to the cause, are you?



slender!maxie stalking may

this is because of rp with archie, a conversation with blue, and a lot because of this

the png and two different gifs. (the second gif only works in the larger view)

[omg this is so great lmao]

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Oh lookie here, somebody obviously liked what they saw

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“A-Archie ? Wat ya want this time ?!”

Nothing yet, but I suggest staying out of my way. Things won’t end in your favor this time around






violence is never the answer

more like

violence is always the answer to dumb hoes like me who never shut their mouths

Well if you say so…

i am so done.

i am so fucking done.

i am gone.

Do you need help packing your bags?

i’m also getting real tired of your sass, wailord.

ooooohhhhh really scary Zafirah. Your as about as threatening as a bidoof, and almost as easy to get rid of.

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